Most of you that know I have a "sailor's background" so very little in life really offends me. While I do have certain preferences, I have probably seen, heard, and maybe done it all. I routinely get all sorts of jokes, wav files, songs, pictures and videos that are funny. (At least the sender thought so) and I am making them available to you. This page is available on the World Wide Web and standards vary from country to country. These are MY STANDARDS. If a category offends you, please don't look at it. The choice is yours and you control the mouse!
To help you chose your viewing content, I use the following rating system:

Select your content comfort level below

Kids. [ Default level ] Includes material suited for young children. This is my opening page.

General Audiences. [ Default level ] Includes words of wisdom, touching stories, quotes, funny pictures of kids with funny sayings, etc that would be suitable for all ages. This kind of material might be found in Chicken Soup, Boy's Life, Nun's Life, or Readers Digest.

Mature Audiences. (Available at "GUEST" level)Includes situational adult material but does not use "four-letter" expletives or vulgar graphics to enhance storyline. This material might fit the 1970's movie review for "R" rated or today's "PG". 

Adult Audiences. (Available at "Registered" level) Includes jokes or cartoons with "four-letter" words, violence, or adult content that probably would be offensive in a work place. It is graphical and does not talk around the subject. It includes sound files or photos with adult language or exposed body parts. This material may be found in Playboy or other coffee table type reading in Congressional or Senate Offices. It may also be comparable to the 6 o'clock news and is not suitable for adults with a mental comprehension under 18 years of age or an ethical IQ over 50.

Sick Audiences. (Available at "Registered" level) Includes explicit graphics or adult-orientated jokes, sounds or photos that would definitely be offensive in any work place except perhaps in the previous Executive Office in Washington. Most of the material has no intrinsic artistic value except that it sometimes makes me laugh. Humor in this area would probably be classed outside of "the social norm" and would most likely be offensive to anyone with any moral values. It will most likely offend one or more sexual, religious, racial or social groups. Material in this class might be found in a Hustler magazine, seen on the Jerry Springer show, or found as under the table reading by the previous White House occupants. 

My Motto: Nothing in life offends me as long as it's funny!


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