In my past life(sic), I served 23 years in the U.S.Navy and rose to the rank of Senior Chief (E-8). 

My official military rating was an Aviation Electrician's Mate. However, my primary job was that of a P-3 Flight Engineer (Instructor all models) and Senior Aircrewman. In addition to my "regular job", the Navy routinely assigns its Officers and Chiefs to fill other positions within a command. 

And during my career, I had the opportunity to work in several unique positions and weathered many challenging experiences.  One constant that I found in each command was that the U.S. military is filled with the most dedicated group of men and women in the world.

As an added bonus of working within the "brown shoes and pink panties side of the Navy", many of our systems were state-of-the-art. Most of our electronic equipment was on the cutting edge of technology. 

Wisdom - Those who cannot remember the past

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